Neometals is committed to optimising finite resources with circular practices to benefit society and the environment for a sustainable future.

Sustainability Report 2023

Further information on the Neometal’s sustainability approach is set in our Sustainability Report.

You can download the latest copy below.


Our six core values underpin all the Company’s activities and are reflected in the acronym S.T.R.I.D.E.

Sustainability – Committing to optimise finite resources with circular practices to benefit society and the environment for a sustainable future.

Transparency – Acting ethically with honesty, transparency and openness in all that we do.

Respect – Respecting our company, its purpose and its values and acting respectfully in our dealings with staff, shareholders, partners, stakeholders and the community.

Innovation – Applying innovation and an enquiring approach to our work to better assure the achievement of our purpose.

Discipline – Applying discipline and rigour to our work to better manage risks and assure outcomes.

Ethics – Through our conduct earning and honouring the trust of one another, our shareholders, our partners, our stakeholders and the community.

Sustainability Framework

Neometals’ sustainability framework is underpinned by its Economic, Environmental, Social and Governance (EESG) Policy and the sustainability pillars that sit beneath. The framework reflects the Company’s projects, key ESG and other sustainability risks, external frameworks and regulatory governance.

The Company evaluates all potential business opportunities against its Purpose and Sustainability Objective. Sustainability is a key consideration in the Neometals Opportunity Assessment Framework.  During the initial assessment, potential new projects are assessed against specific sustainability measures before being considered against remaining evaluation criteria.

Sustainability Pillars

Environmental care – Minimise negative impact on people and the planet.

Community benefit – Created shared value.

People – Foster an environment where employees are valued and supported to fulfil their potential.

Ethics and accountability – Continually operate in an ethical and transparent manner.

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