Neometals is planning to capitalise on growth in the energy storage market by commercialising its proprietary process for producing high purity LiOH. The process route shows potential to operate at lowest quartile costs for LiOH.


The ELi Process has been jointly developed by Neometals (70%) and Mineral Resources (30%).

The ELi Process route shows potential to operate at lowest quartile costs for LiOH.

A Pre-feasibility Study was completed in September 2012. Results were as follows:

Input: 147,000t of 6.0% Li2O
Output: 10,000t of Battery Grade LiOH, and
8,810t of Battery Grade Li2CO3
Cost: US$83m (located in Malaysia)
NPV: US$321m using 12% discount rate
OPEX: LiOH US$3800/t - Li2CO3 US$4500/t
IRR: 94%
Payback: ~2 years

The Plan Forward

  • Definitive Feasibility Study due for completion mid-2016.
  • Obtain strategic partner to operate Li downstream plant.
  • Become an independently financed lithium producer.

Lithium, Australia, LiOH and the ELi Process

Electrolysis of LiCl to produce LiOH

Project updates

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  • Appointment of Senior Lithium Executive

    Neometals Ltd is pleased to advise the appointment of experienced mining executive Matthew Read as General Manager – Lithium Projects to drive the Company's feasibility and engineering studies in its core lithium related projects.

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  • Neometals successfully converts lithium residue into valuable engineered material

    Neometals test-work with CSIRO confirms synthesis of commercial grade zeolite from spodumene leach residue.

    Opportunity to add co-product revenue, reduce waste and improve the lithium hydroxide competitive cost position.

    Technology is the subject of Neometals' Australian Provisional and International patent applications.

    2017 global market for synthetic zeolites (molecular sieves for adsorbents and catalysts) valued at US$13.7B.

    Engineering Cost Study underway to accelerate commercialisation activities including pilot scale test work

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  • Quarterly Activities Report

    All downstream lithium processing technology and patents are owned by Reed Advanced Materials Pty Ltd (“RAM”). RAM is beneficially owned 70:30 by the Company and MIN.  

    The commercialisation program of the JV Partners patented ELi process will continue separately from arrangements under the aforementioned MOU with primary focus on its application to traditional salar brines as well as spodumene/hard rock supply sources.  

    RAM is in discussions with potential users regarding sub‐licensing the ELi Process to produce lithium hydroxide.

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  • Positive Lithium Downstream Processing Feasibility Results

    Positive results for Feasibility Study (‘FS’) on producing battery grade lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate using the patented ELiTM Process

    The FS cost estimates established to an accuracy of +/‐ 15% confirm a production operation is technically feasible and economically viable

    The FS demonstrates an internal rate of return of 51% and a pre‐tax net present value of US$481M using a 12% discount rate

    Pilot plant study using run‐of‐mine concentrates is the next step in commercialising ELi  

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  • Quarterly Activities Report

    Work commenced on the project DFS during the quarter and the DFS is on‐schedule for completion in mid‐2016

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  • Appointment of Chief Operating Officer

  • Presentation on the future of batteries and lithium

    Presentations given by Prof Ray Wills and Prof Dudley Kingsnorth on the future of batteries, lithium and lithium supplies.

    Video: https://youtu.be/R3b4MuT1xA0

    Presentation slides: http://www.neometals.com.au/reports/629-All-presentations.pdf

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  • Lithium Hydroxide - Definitive Feasibility Study Commences

    Neometals Ltd  and Mineral Resources Limited are pleased to announce the commencement of a Definitive Feasibility Study on their patented ELi Process, to produce 20,000 tonnes per annum of batterygrade Lithium Hydroxide directly from spodumene concentrates.

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  • Quarterly Activities Report

    Semi- Pilot Plant in US successfully achieves 200hr of operation at 80% efficiency.

    Optimisation testwork of semi-pilot plant in USA reduces power consumption by 15%.

    Australian patent granted for lithium hydroxide technology.

    Works Approval granted, upstream mining and processing project now fully permitted.

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  • Australian Patent Granted for Lithium Hydroxide Process

    Patent for production of high purity Lithium Hydroxide.

    Semi- Pilot Plant in US successfully achieves 200hr of operation at 80% efficiency.

    Results confirm potential to deliver lowest-quartile operating costs as indicated in Pre- feasibility Study 2012.

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Lithium is the lightest known metal in the world.

The mother of invention.

Company's proprietary ELi Process shows potential to operate at lowest quartile costs for LiOH.

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