Neometals is committed to optimising finite resources with circular practices to benefit society and the environment for a sustainable future.

Further information on the Company’s sustainability approach is set out in our Sustainability Report – see link below:

Neometals Sustainability Report 2021 – DOWNLOAD

Ethics and Accountability

  • Ethical values
  • Transparent and accountable governance
  • Stakeholder respect and engagement
  • Supply chain integrity

Neometals is committed to implementing the highest standards of corporate governance, risk management and ethical behaviour. Supported by the managers of sustainability-related functions, the Board oversees policies, management systems, performance, reporting and compliance related to risk, health, safety, environment, community and HR.

Neometals strives to be a respected corporate citizen and to communicate and operate in a manner that encourages a lasting, beneficial and constructive relationships with all of its stakeholders. This includes open communication with its relevant stakeholders, particularly in the preliminary stages of project development.  

As a project development business, Neometals targets partnerships and value chain integration to deliver improved productivity and margins, greater sustainability and enhanced value return to stakeholders.

Community Benefit

  • Shared economic and social outcomes
  • Employment opportunity
  • Products for a sustainable future
  • Taxes and royalties contribution

Neometals makes significant contribution to local, regional and national economies directly through the payment of taxes and royalties, as well as direct contribution to its workforce and suppliers.

Neometals supports a range of social initiatives with over $250,000 of financial support in FY20. Contributions to a better future are only possible with the help of valued employees and Neometals firmly believes that engaged employees are productive employees. Neometals also seeks to attract and retain talent through its strong ESG-centric corporate purpose.

The Company’s diversified portfolio encompasses minerals and materials across the value chain with a focus on electric vehicle and energy storage industries. Neometals’ materials recovery projects generate valuable materials without upstream mining and extraction risks and are a strategic source of green and ethical non-mine battery materials, aligning with the global drive to reduce greenhouse emissions and contribute to circular economies.


  • Human rights and dignity
  • Health, safety and well-being
  • Diversity and equal opportunity
  • Training and education

Neometals is guided by its Code of Conduct in ensuring the Human Rights of its stakeholders. The Company is pleased to confirm its participation in the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Safety and wellbeing of staff, partners and community are paramount. Neometals believes workforce injuries can be prevented and treats mental wellbeing as equally important as physical wellbeing.

The Neometals Diversity Policy actively promotes diversity and equality among its workforce, enabling access to a larger and more diverse workforce with a wider range of experience and perspectives. Neometals’ Diversity Policy and Code of Conduct prohibits discrimination against any person including employees, customers, suppliers or any other stakeholders. Neometals promotes continued education, training and upgrading employee skills and actively encourages and financially supports it staff taking on further learning.

Environmental Care

  • Resource optimisation and rehabilitation
  • Emissions & waste control
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water management

Recognising the planet’s resources are limited, Neometals strives to consume as few raw materials as possible, consistent with its strategic objectives including making use of spent or waste material. Neometals’ projects aim to have a high sustainability profile in terms of carbon footprint, raw material consumption, production, marketing, use, disposal and recycling. Neometals is committed to combating climate change and reducing climate emissions through both global and local efforts, and aims to tread lightly with respect to energy and minimising consumption across its operations.

By supplying materials for a low-carbon future, Neometals is also helping reduce energy consumption in other sectors. Neometals is contributing to global energy efficiency efforts by promoting recycling and circular use of materials, with 17 R&D innovation projects related to climate change risks and energy efficiency opportunities. Water is a crucial input factor for Neometals’ operating future. Increasing water scarcity in many countries is a long-term risk to growth and companies may be exposed to shortages, quality problems, price volatility and reputational issues.

Past Sustainability Reports

Sustainability Report 2020 – click to view

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