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  • Neometals offers five great opportunities for the price of one

    One of the first rules of investing is don't put all your eggs in one basket. Diversification adds layers of protection and opens up new opportunities as you will read below.Neometals Ltd. (ASX: NMT) is not just another lithium company as they also have nickel, titanium, vanadium and coming soon, processing and recycling. Neometals has two key divisions - a fully integrated lithium business and a titanium-vanadium development business. Both are supported by proprietary technologies that assist downstream integration through revenue enhancement and cost efficiencies. continue reading
  • Neometals to target non-Chinese battery markets

    Neometals is targeting international markets outside China for product from its proposed Kalgoorlie lithium refinery. Mr Reed said he remains confident the plant, which if approved will be built just 5km outside of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, will be a long term business opportunity for the mining company turned battery metals technologist. Neometals banked its first $6.2 million profit distribution from its minority owned Mt Marion lithium mine, 40km south-west of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, yesterday. continue reading
  • The Battery Boom Has Created a New Lithium Superpower in China

    "It's changed the face of the industry -- you had the big three and now you've gone to the big five," said Mike Tamlin, chief operating officer of Neometals Ltd., a partner with Gangfeng and Mineral Resources Ltd., in the Mt. Marion mine in Western Australia. "Arguably the pecking order in the big five has changed" with the expansion of Ganfeng and Tianqi Lithium Corp., he said. continue reading
  • WA leads global shakeup in lithium processing

    Junior lithium miner Neometals is another WA-based ASX-listed player with processing ambitions. In June, Neometals, which has also developed a lithium battery recycling process, entered an option agreement with the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder to sub-lease a plot of industrial land where it plans to build a lithium hydroxide refining facility. Neometals is planning to establish a 10,000tpa refining facility to upgrade spodumene concentrate from the Mount Marion lithium mine. continue reading
  • Neometals Ltd: Aim to Create the Most Sustainable Highest-Margin Lithium Business, Interview with Mike Tamlin, COO

    According to Mr. Tamlin, Mt Marion mine has reached maximum production capacity, at a time when the lithium prices are at an all-time high. From the third quarter of this year, Mt Marion Mine is planning to start paying the mine JV shareholders their share of profits. Revenues are very strong and looking to go stronger when the concentrator production is upgraded, later in 2018. The Kalgoorlie Lithium Refinery, which will produce 10,000 tonnes of lithium hydroxide equivalent per annum, is in the middle of its front-end engineering and design phase. The site is well-located and well-serviced. continue reading
  • How a bunch of penny-dreadfuls turned Australia into a lithium superpower

    Albemarle, Kidman, Neometals and Mineral Resources have also announced plans to build their own domestic beneficiation plants, and if all of those companies deliver their plans, the construction bill would run into the billions of dollars. continue reading
  • Kalgoorlie Boosted By Special Announcement

    The Growing Kalgoorlie-Boulder Economic Development Conference jumped out of the blocks in the morning session, with lithium miner Neometals revealing its plans to build a new lithium refinery 5km outside Kalgoorlie-Boulder township. In a major economic shale-up for the Goldfields region, the downstream processing plant will create more than 100 jobs and the capacity to produce an initial 10,000 tonnes of lithium hydroxide annually - a substance crucial to the battery making process. continue reading
  • Video interview with Chris Reed on Kalgoorlie-Boulder lithium hydroxide plant

    Chris Reed, chief executive of Neometals Ltd, discusses with Proactive's Andrew Scott their decision to enter into an option agreement to sub-lease a 40-hectare site in Kalgoorlie for a proposed lithium hydroxide refinery. continue reading
  • Rush into lithium processing shows no sign of slowing

    Battery materials company Neometals is on the hunt for an off-take partner after selecting a site near Kalgoorlie for the latest lithium hydroxide plant slated for construction in Western Australia. Neometals has signed an option agreement with the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder to sublease a 40 hectare site for a 10,000 tonne-a-year lithium hydroxide plant. It is estimated such a plant would cost close to $200 million to build and bring total potential processing capacity in WA to more than 200,000 tonnes a year. continue reading
  • $200m lithium injection

    Lithium is poised to become a key plank of Kalgoorlie-Boulder's mining economy, following minerals developer Neometals' decision to base a proposed $200 million lithium refinery in the WA gold capital. Neometals boss Chris Reed yesterday revealed the company had executed a two-year option to sub-lease a 40ha industrial estate at West Kalgoorlie, on the northern side of Great Eastern Highway, for the 10,000 tonne-a-year lithium hydroxide plant. Speaking at the Growing Kalgoorlie-Boulder 2018 Economic Development Conference in Perth, Mr Reed said the proposed site was well situated, 70km from its part-owned Mt Marion lithium mine, and provided an opportunity to minimise costs while capitalising on the lithium market rise. continue reading

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