Research & Development Initiatives

Our Projects
In keeping with its strategy to diversify and integrate down the value chain to increase margins, Neometals has been progressing several lithium and other processing technologies in parallel with its conventional core and longer-term exploration projects. 

ELi Project

Neometals (70%) and Mineral Resources (30%) have jointly developed a patented technology to purify and electrolyse lithium chloride to produce lithium hydroxide in a direct process direct from hard rock resources. Today, brine lithium producers must first produce lithium carbonate, then an additional processing step using reagents is required to manufacture lithium hydroxide chemicals. This is costly, complex and creates an environmental footprint associated with transport of reagents and products. The ‘ELi’ process could support mining and lithium chemical production at one location and has potential to drive lowest cost quartile operation. Neometals aims to pilot test the process with a partner and generate licensing revenue.

Dexter Project

The Dexter direct extraction process is a wholly owned technology that has been developed by Neometals to reduce lithium brine resource production costs, environmental impact and operating logistics. Both ‘Dexter’ and ‘Eli’ can potentially be used in conjunction as part of a direct lithium chloride extraction processing solution in brine operations – with and without solar evaporation. In particular, Dexter can support Eli in its purification stage. Neometals aims to pilot test the process with a partner and generate licensing revenue.

Lithium Titanate

Neometals has developed a proprietary manufacturing process for a unique anode material. The process uses lithium and titanium input materials to make Lithium Titanate (“LTO”). LTO offers superior performance and safety in high discharge/recharge battery applications. An example of a similar material can be seen with Toshiba’s LTO anode formulation that is being sold in certain fast charging Mitsubishi electric vehicles. Neometals aims to move beyond encouraging lab scale work to partner with battery manufacturers to generate licensing revenue. Battery manufacturers are presently constrained in terms of the number of commercially available anode materials they can purchase.

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