Right to receive documents


Neometals Ltd

ACN 099 116 631

Notice of members’ rights under the Corporation Act 2001 (Cth) in connection with receiving documents

Neometals Ltd ACN 099 116 631 (Neometals or the Company) gives notice according to section 110K of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Corporations Act), of the rights of members (Shareholders) to:

Neometals has the obligation to send the following documents to Shareholders, and Shareholders are entitled to receive:

and any other documents prescribed by relevant regulations (collectively, the Documents).

Shareholders’ right to make an election

Pursuant to the Corporations Act, each Shareholder is entitled to:

  1. elect to be sent Documents in either physical or electronic form; and / or

by notifying Neometals of their election.

A Shareholder may make an election concerning all Documents or a specified class(es) of Documents and is entitled to request that Neometals send a particular Document to the Shareholder in physical or electronic form.

Neometals as an emerging, sustainable battery materials producer, encourages all Shareholders to receive communications electronically. This will allow Shareholders to ensure that you stay informed and help our commitment to reducing the negative impact on the environment by minimising paper usage.

Notifying Neometals of your election or request

You can make your election and/or request and notify Neometals by contacting Neometals’ Investor Relations Team at (08) 9322 1182, or info@neometals.com.au, or contacting Computershare directly at www.investorcentre.com/au.

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